An iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch & now Android Webcast App!

TALKS on the GO™ is the world’s most spectacular iPhone/iPad & Android app for Congress Webcasts!
All presentations feature speaker’s laser pointer movements, so when a speaker says ‘as you can see here’ when referring to an image or graph, the viewer can follow along easily, ability to swipe fingers to left and right to change slides, even read the synchronized transcription when available! Download our application now and browse presentations of congresses by session, speaker, personal favorites and even search presentations by keyword with our advanced search tool and listen to a presentation as if you were in the audience!

laser pointer
movements on
all presentations
(3G + Wi-Fi)

Over Wi-Fi Networks


Each presentation features:

  1. Animated slides with reproduced laser pointer movements and PowerPoint animations
  2. Synchronized transcription when available
  3. Slide gallery with ability to swipe between slides
  4. Video of the speaker when addressing the audience

Over 3G Networks


Each presentation features:

  1. Static slides with reproduced laser pointer movements
  2. Ability to swipe slides to navigate between them
  3. Synchronized transcription when available

Full screen view with video of the speaker

Integrated videos of the speaker at the podium when addressing the audience with synchronized transcription when available and embedded videos such as surgical procedures (Wi-Fi mode only)

New search engine giving results by content relevance

The latest version of our “TALKS on the GO” App features an Advanced Search Engine giving results by relevance according to presentation content! This means that within an event, one can use the search button in the listing of presentations, type a clinical study name and the search will provide users with the presentations that is the most relevant first! Users can also search by speaker names or keywords within title of presentations.

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